About Musingly

Welcome to Musingly.

A place of inspiration, contemplation and curiosity.

Collections of things to ponder and wonder and marvel.

Also look out for arty happenings and things to go see.

Culture Classes and Social Club to come.

For stimulation…for delight…for you.

Karen Arrand


About me:

I was once a Radio and TV programme maker (mainly for BBC1 and BBC2).

Now I am an academic, a lecturer, and culture curator. I have watched and read and traveled a lot but there are always more interesting things to see. I believe creative expression, in any form, makes the world a much better place. And I constantly marvel at the artistic endeavors of others. I want to share with you the wonderful work I’ve found.

My musings are mainly about culture and curios, from the past and present. My passions are biography and ballet…

Views are my own and unpaid.  Care has been taken to use images for illustration or promotion purposes, always in context and with much admiration.  Credited where known.